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Agritone 4.5

What is Agritone

Potassium humate
Agritone 4.5 is an excellent natural and 100% organic way to provide plants and soil with a concentrated dose of essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

How is it Natural

100 % Natural
Our Indian soils are low in organic carbon. Due to intensive cultivation; organic matter and other nutrients are depleted from the soil.

Why is it Organic

Organic Molecule
Agritone 4.5 is a complex organic molecule formed by the breakdown of organic matter in soil by micro organisms.

Quality Objective

Top quality product
To achieve complete customer satisfaction with top quality product and compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements.


How to order
Agritone 4.5 is being launched all over India and is available to order in many convenient ways. You may either contact your nearest dealer or order online from this website.


Become a dealer
We welcome dealers to take up business opportunities. Submit your business contact in the dealer section of this site and then contact our corporate office.

Benefits of Agritone

Using agritone of 4.5 has a variety of benefits and it is applicable for all type of crops. Some of the key benefits are listed below,

Increased Crop Yields

AGRITONE 4.5 has been shown to provide a significant increase in crop yields when combined with your current fertilizer program.

Increased Root Growth

A consistent result from all crops tested with AGRITONE 4.5 found increased root growth, length, density and radius of plant roots. Tests have shown that root system vigor is very important to the nutrient uptake capability, ability to combat disease, improved plant stability and absorb more water with abroad based root system.

Increased Chlorophyll Content

Application of AGRITONE 4.5 showed increased chlorophyll content in plants.

Increased Nutrient Uptake

Application of AGRITONE 4.5 found consistently improves the uptake of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and iron, as well as innumerable trace elements essential for plant health.

Improved Plant Quality

AGRITONE 4.5 can improve the quality of fruit, vegetables, and flowers by improving their physical appearance and improved self life.

Enhanced Natural Defense

The biochemically active nature of works to enhance a plant's natural defenses against toxins and disease. Many toxins are inhibited or neutralized directly by bonding interactions with AGRITONE 4.5

Improved Soil Structure

AGRITONE 4.5 Combines with clay minerals to form structural units called aggregates. These help to stabilize the soil and increase its permeability to water and gaseous exchanges. Also, life forms such as bacteria and earthworms, which are dependent on humus content, make a large contribution to the maintenance of soil structure and can prevent soil cracking and soil erosion.

Improved Water Retention

AGRITONE 4.5 can hold up to 20 times their weight in water by enhancing the soil's ability to retain water and reduce the need for crop irrigation.

Usage and Dosage

The directions for usage of agritone 4.5 is detailed below for every type of crop. However please note that the application of your regular fertilizer and pesticide needs to be done as usual.

Soil Application

Mix 5 litres of Agritone 4.5 in 150 litres of water (1:30 Ratio) for one acre of land. Apply the mixture while ploughing/seeding along with the application of fertilizer as usual. Repeat the same dosage before flowering.

Drip Irrigation

Mix 5 litres of Agritone in 150 litres of water (1:30 Ratio) for one acre of land. Apply the mixture with normal application of fertilizers in fertigation tank. Repeat the process once in a month until completion of crop duration.

Foliar Spray

Mix 1 litre of Agritone 4.5 in 30 litres of water. Then spray to all crops before flowering. To ornamental plants and grass lawn – once in 30 days in morning or evening for better results and may be combined with fertilizer spray also.


For aged grown up trees, the dosage can be increased to about 30mls per tree.

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