What is Agritone 4.5?

Agritone 4.5 (liquid potassium humate/humic acid) is a complex organic molecule formed by the breakdown of organic matter in soil by microorganisms. It is found in forest soil (2% - 3%) and rich in oxidised low rock coal, lignite, peat etc., has major constituents of carbon and oxygen about 90%. Lignite contains about 60% humid acid.

The basic source of Humic acid is derived from sedimentation layers called leonardite/lignite. Agritone 4.5 (liquid potassium humate/ humic acid) is not a fertilizer. They act as a bio-stimulant for plants. Agritone 4.5 enhances plant growth particularly biomass productions, root growth and fertility of the soil. Their oxygen content as well as high water holding capacity are a few reasons for using Agritone 4.5 in the improvement of soil fertility, plant growth and high yield. Our Indian soils are low in organic carbon. Due to intensive cultivation; organic matter and other nutrients are depleted from the soil. To compensate this, traditionally organic manure, composite, vermin compost and green manure are used in large quantities to achieve Humic acid content in the soil. Application of Agritone 4.5 (liquid potassium humate/humic acid) helps to build up organic matter content in the soil, enhancing water retention and cation exchange capacity. Agritone 4.5 (liquid potassium humate/humic acid) is a solid activator and plant growth stimulant and helps to improve the yield of various crops.

Using Agritone 4.5 has a variety of benefits and its is applicable for all type of crops. Some of the key benefits include increased crop yields, increased root growth, increased chlorophyll content, increased nutrient uptake, improved plant quality, enhanced natural defines, improved soil structure and improved water retention.